The icy river within

We have known ourselves as a complex being, our existence is the greatest feel we could ever get of ourselves.
Purpose of our life ?
Do you actually need any.
Look at your past and skim through all those moments
Did you actually need a reason to live.
It’s a very common philosophy which programs us to be aimed at something always but I am here to set you on a de programming mode.
Aimless! Is the new divine
Now I don’t happen to push through this philosophy but just expect you to understand about yourselves and how your life functions.
Today’s world and this society is continuously drilling us into the ongoing conventional style of living. Idealistic !
But we actually don’t need to follow anything
Each one of us has a different mind and unique abilities and why bind ourselves into the monotonous tunes of the old orchestra.
Look around guys !
Everything that has ever or anyone who has ever created a revolution has broken the cage and has taken an endless flight into the infinite universe of possibilities.
The icy river within
We have a very simple functioning soul
It demands freedom and ease.
It shows all the contrasting natures at various instances but unfortunately we end up blaming or criticizing our own nature at times. The need is to understand that the moment we react in and the moment we evaluate the later are two different times and we are bound to fall into pits of regret and agony.
What we need to realize is the true path to enlightenment.
The icy river within
Water shall rise always…
If we damp it
We will Blast away
If we hold it
We will freeze our existence
Let go off it today
And it shall rise
Eternal bliss !

This moment is the only truth.



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