Perfectly imperfect

What emotional shade can a beautiful life hold ?
What color is so magnificent that it fills up all the spaces with at most class.

Being imperfect is not a crime but an art.
Perfection is end of space
End of that beautiful void which craves us forward into the unknown.

The common perception about life is that it’s the most simplest thing but we make it complicated
What I say is
That’s the most beautiful part of our nature.
Look at all your problems in a very cool manner and you will find this little stupid nature of yours automatically.
Laugh a bit here
Take a pause
Rewind on your problems from past
And look at it as a whole from starting to end from the problem to how you found the solution.
Everything that happens or is happening or will happen is all good
The crust of bhagvad geeta says this only
Of how life is so simple
And here we are knowing this fact thoroughly still land up in problems
It’s stupidity !
But that’s how we are
Knowledge comes through these very findings.
Knowing something is superficial but knowledge is divine and lies deep within a moment
A moment of realization of what has been happening around is the coolest feeling you will ever get.
Shakespeare said ” this world is a stage and we are mere puppets ”
This is a very beautiful thought and contains great substance.

Perfectly imperfect
The beauty is right here with this nature
But you will realize it once you start loving your mistakes.
This is how you learn.
Ye waits of life is in being imperfect.
White is the best color but when you throw in a great shade of your own taste
It becomes super personified and becomes an identity of yours.

The imperfect great human.




7 thoughts on “Perfectly imperfect

      1. Absolutely beautiful thought there.
        Something which drives you forward.
        There is this phrase in Hindi language in india. ” sanak waaley kuch khoob kar dikhatey hain ”
        Means those who have some kid of lunatic and a very passionate behavior always become someone great.

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