Between the ages

Life is a beautiful cycle of so many different stages.
Sewed by our breaths and blood is the ecstatic combination of joy and sadness.

Let me take this thing to an all together different level, the geological history of earth is nothing less than a fascinating ride.
The most fascinating being the ice ages out earth has gone through
We have had round about five mega ice ages and we still are in one essentially as we still have rigid ice sheets at some parts of the globe.
Earth currently is in an inter-glacial.

Same goes for our life which moves and swings in between various emotional age
Sometimes we feel helpless
Sometimes we feel hopeless
Sometimes we feel that we are the god’s chosen one and the heaven ‘s light shall fall upon us invariably.

We face so much, paint our faces on so many different colors.
But essentially we have so much to understand about this circle of life.
The truth is in the darker hours and moments of our lives
When we don’t find anything true to believe in.
When the lightest of the belief slips through our hands like sand.
Then and there comes a inner energy. Some sort of aura which re divines our orientation towards our life.
That energy compels us to be the beauty itself
Let’s not waver because of some problems
We are born great!
That’s how we are meant to be

These moments are nothing but a mis fortunate event
The truth of our existence lies between the ages.


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