Our musical life

Our musical life

Music has held a great relevance in our lives and will keep holding an eminent position.
Just sweep back years into your past and open the chapter labelled
‘ childhood ‘
Remember the only rhyme or some Mello song which used to be our lullaby and now just the tune of it makes us smile.
Remember the songs we used to sing banging the class room desks in our schools. The sheer joy and excitement of the tone.
It’s unbeatable.
Smile !
Sometimes we get stuck in expressing something but then comes a musical piece which perfectly suits the situation.
That is the power of music.

Sitting with friends and having the first pint of beer or visiting the bar and listening to the classic rock songs played there for the regular visitors.
What better can describe our selves other than music itself.
It’s just not magic but it is more.

Remember our love affairs and the way we dedicated songs and sung it over the phone.
It is indeed pure joy.

The lyrics, the drops and the instrumental piece we admired over years still lives in our heart and it will dwell.
Look at this relation as the one between sky and the earth.
Two very different things in nature talking philosophically.
But they do meet at an end. Which exists just virtually but is of great meaning to us.
Same goes for music.
It lives within us and music itself is our existence.

Late ustad bismillah khan a very famous shehnae player of India used to pray at the ghats of ganga every day asking for some ‘ sur ‘ some melody in his instrument.
It was his modesty since he was the best.
That’s what music does to you.
You give up everything.
Your ego your false status ! just to be enlightened.

Where does music come from ?
Music is all your deed.
Your passion indeed
The falling and rising of your breath.
A taste of divine waters you get.
Music is in the trees and most
It dwells calmly in your Heart beat.

You are your own music.
Explore !



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