The Idea of a true mind.

Identity !
That’s what runs everything on earth.
Homo sapien followed by a number would have been my possible name if there wasn’t a system of naming in our world culture.
Every mind has its own unique identity.
Thereby, idealism is the death of identity.

Ever imagined? How come an army training institute can roll out almost similar cadets year after year.
It’s called deprogramming and programming concept.
Almost every other institute in this world works on the same concept.
In India, I see it everywhere.
I don’t criticize such a thing if it’s done with a certain unquestionable panache but the problem arises when the very process is flawed, doped an corrupt.
Osho use a very similar philosophy of de programming people and ten leaving them on there own.
That’s the way of a yogi. That is how we find so many people carrying a tag of ‘enlightened’ having a different views regarding the same thing and evidently they mean the same too.

The education system teaches you idealism. Following some ones foot steps is just foolish. It might prove beneficiary for some like minds but not for all.
I am a civil engineering student and I can tell what are the devastating effects of building a superstructure which is not supported by the right type of sub structure or the appropriate foundation.
One cannot build a god damn multi story building with a shallow foundation.

Same goes for students in secondary schools who are on the foot step of entering the huge arena.
Something they are not aware of.
With a thought in a mind that there is only a single way to success.
This compels his mind to think the same way that all others are thinking.
Inspire of availing the kid with knowledge of self and the idea of individualism, they all are given ye same dosage.

People have different capacities and the nature of minds are different.
Some people are just great listeners but some are not. They may find easy to receive and code the knowledge and hence process it into memory but some cannot easily do that.
Everyone has there own unique way of coding and decoding knowledge into our brains.
This is not what is taught or even passed on by the current system.
All the more those who cannot are discouraged and pushed into an endless system of grades.

The need is to give a mind an open space of self discovery. Wher wit can run endlessly and then tire off.
Sweat hard and exhaust.
Then the light falls.
Knowing about your nature of mind is of at most importance.

Give it a thought.
The idea of a true mind.



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