Divine awareness and some belma.

All those who chose Shankara

There is an old ritual in my village which happens to involve the holika dahan ( a ritual done before the festivals of colours HOLI in Northern India ) done by a lower caste citizen. This year due to a mishap there was no one to execute the ritual and set the holika on fire. It was then my father Mr. Mahesh Chandra Choudhary initiated to get rid of this ritual as other societies have discontinued it unanimously. Our family being the most influential family in the area, this decision was immediately put into affect and These are little thins that an ordinary citizen should do at his own level. Legacies are made because such simple but powerful personalities.

These things might not surface with the bigger success of the individual but these are the seeds of progress which we spread whenever we do something good for the society.

Just had a divine intervention with words. Here it goes.

“A big achievement we dream and run after it so madly,
Running scared sometimes hitting out at the world.
Less we see the other ones which you have had subtly
Forgotten by all they become a part of your story.
Which I write today and tomorrow with all those achievements railing behind.
I remember you. I respect you. ”

Choudhary Sarkar.




2 thoughts on “Divine awareness and some belma.

  1. Change is the need of hour, but remember it requires excruciating effort who love this becomes whistle blower or trend setter. I respect the spirit.

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