The Wooden Chair

We chair a lot of positions in life. a lot of them initially are just phases of life and later we find ourselves as an individual whilst we make a career and so on.

Some of these positions have a legacy while some are brought into existence by you. Legacies are a difficult prospect of life to fathom. The reason I use fathom in place of a more unitary word ‘understand’ is because of the relative negative usage of it. It’s a heavy weight task to carry on this legacy and add glory to it.

The first chair is that of a son or daughter, we hold this position for a major part of our life and we only leave this chair when time comes for those who had put us on this chair. A lot depends upon how do we relate to this time while we are in it. It helps shape the spine of our life. The magnificence of our future depends upon how well do we take these roles throughout. Seasons of heat and rain; joy and sorrow come and go and we sit tight holding this chair firmly, such is the gravity of the responsibilties.
Time flows steady while you go on creating motion in this space called life.

‘Not for all was it sunny and bright as the other world slept in darkness and peace’

Sooner or later we have to see ourselves as part of the bigger commotion. Joys of success and love, takes turn with sorrows of failures and pain. In some other world and in some other life we all have revolved in this endless cycle but still we smile and cry and still we protect our egos. Such is the magnitude of the gravity that sweetly compels us to stay put on the marker.

‘Gravity which exists in the physical world is beautifully complimented by Maaya in the metaphysical world’


The last chair is beauty for some and agony for many. For some it is what lies on the other side of the peak while for some it is a resting place after the battle but it is.

‘Know where you sit and why you sit and you will understand what has been done and what can be done’

I really thought I should share this here as other web spaces slowly degrade in my eyes. Also it is the only way i can reach you from time to time.


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