The pain between he and she

(Suggested interpretation : You can
say that she is my heart And he is my soul)

He and she coexist with each other. The distribution of possession of the body and it’s karma might differ but they are functional only when together. Such is the complexity and such is the beauty.

Even she has a pain but she smiles at him and she dances to forget.
Even he has a wound but he
smiles so unfaithfully at her with so much to protect.
What if he and she could loose all and gain some.
Oh yes but !
The value is lost. The value will be lost.

Life is not easy, a little more of this and a little less of that.
Time is tricky by nature, a little bit quick here and a little but slow there.
Where is the peace but!
I ask this to all.
Answer it to the mirror or to none at all.

He finds us farther than before and she for one is silly and optimistic.
Such is the distance and Such is the pain.


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