Har dil mien faiz hai


A friend of mine suggested me to check out a poetic recitation of faiz’s work.
When I started to view it in YouTube Pehli si Mohabbat by Zohra sehgal

I stumbled upon a page from my past. Not so long ago I was so much into poetry but too much of facts and figures drew me into a different arena.
Here I am writing once again and this one dedicated for my friend who reminds me unknowingly about pages I wrote and forgot.

Phir aae tu Ek tohfa le k,
Is guldastey mien phir Tunney apney bag se chuney phool sajaye…
Mien kabool kar leta has kar muskura kar,
Par Kya dard ab tujh ko jatau
In pholon ka shaukeen to kab se hu…
Waqt ki raeth ne daba diye Baag,
jinhey syahi se seecha karta tha…
Aaj iss tohfey ne yaad dilayi woh khusboo phir se…
Aur kuch bacha to Nahin hai lekin,
Ye kuch murzae hue ghazlien hi le le…
Haath to jal gae par inhey tapti raeth se bachaya tha,
Shayad tere guldastey k intazar mien..

Faiz har dil mien hai
Baat mauko ki
Intazar sunney waalo ka
Phir Mehfil to bewajah hi baith jaegi


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