Remembering Tulsi

Goswami Tulsi Das, was born in 1497 in rajapur or present day Chitrakoot, Uttar Pradesh, India.
He was known primarily for the (Awadhi) hindi translation of the Religious epic Ramayana, originally written in Sanskrit by Valmiki.

Remembering Tulsi is not about how he lived because very little is known about this poet who loved his life as a saint devoted to worship of Lord Rama. If one reads his creation kavitavali (string of poems) one comes to an understanding that after his fathers demise early in his life, he went on to become a saint.

Beside looking at him from a saints point of view or a devotee, there is another angle which is even more glorious. An artist, a mystic and a philosopher whose art shall shed light ages to come. For this purpose I have collected few of his dohas (couplets) from Raamcharitmanas (Ramayana translation).

Kaam krodh madh lobh sab nath narak k panth
Sab parihari raghubirahi bhajahu bhajahin jehi sant

Lust, anger, ego and greed these all are pathways to hell
Surrender yourself to Lord Raam like the saints do and be free of these evils

Till a person is on these pathways, he can be saved but once it becomes a part of his nature then he can’t be saved from destruction. Simplicity dear friends is the most deceptive tool available in this world. Tulsi chooses his words very carefully. Also evident is that he opens the path of holiness to one and all without bias or getting himself into any caste based divisions that might have existed. It is not your clothes which make you a saint, not any renunciation that are binding. It is just devotion to a simple life and prayer of god, which may come in any form. In Mahabharata Lord Krishna even says that

karma hi ishwariya marg ki sarthakta hai.
It is your deeds and hard work which are confirmation of the way of god.

Tulsi’s love for art in which he envisions god, fruits into this epic followed and recited by one and all daily.


When your contemporary starts to praise you, it should be considered a true verdict. Likewise for tulsi, Madhusudan Sarasvatti says

आनन्दकानने कश्चिज्जङ्गमस्तुल्सीतरुः ।
कविता मञ्जरी यस्य रामभ्रमरभूषिता ॥

In this place of Vanarasi a moving tulsi plant exists, whose branch of flowers (Raamcharitmanas) is ever adorned by a bumblebee (Lord Raam).

Understand and grasp the sheer magnitude of the sound waves that would have been created by the mere recital of the poems that Tulsi created hundreds of years ago. What emotion, what energy must these creations mobilise when recited in full vigour.

Tulsi gives us wisdom and a way to master occupations, social fabric and ethos itself which stand valid even now.
The actuality in the position of stars is different from what we see, matter itself is non-existential strictly speaking in metaphysical sense. In a universe where everything is a simulation of some sort. What do we believe and what do we reject. In a society plagued with Sick and gross mentality and propaganda, where do we rest of our faiths ?

Tulsi rescues us from this socio scientific dilemma. He says that it is the energy, the vibrations that we produce which are indestructible. Put your energy in the pure.
Remembering tulsi is remembering, cherishing and excepting Art itself.
The greatest pilgrimage was the womb of your mother and thereafter in thought of god.


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