Where is the salt ?

I am here talking about salt. Yes! the ordinary white.
I like to cook and today I made some kadhi ( yogurt based yellow curry ). I had put all the spices and ingredients in the right proportion but missed out on salt ! Fortunately I didn’t discover this while having it but whilst cooking itself. I mixed some salt and it tasted just fine.

What caught my attention is that there is no substitute to salt, it enriches and lifts up the whole spice combination in your dish.

Each spice reflects on some emotion of yours. This theory works better than as in the mistress of spices !

Similarly what’s the salt of your life ?

Chilli can be love (too much will burn you)
Turmeric can be aggression (just enough for the colour)
Garam masala, a powdered mix can be humour ( a must in all dishes )
Rosemary can be wittiness ( not to be used everywhere )
But where is the salt ?

Added more than taste, the dish will be un edible. Less than taste then it won’t lift the spices !
What is that one requirement in your emotional palette which is a must ?
I got a few reflections on this and immediately thought to put it up here.

Salt is sacrifice. Salt is faith.


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