Neo-Sanyaasi and the constant advise

A year ago, during my many visits to rishikesh in Uttrakhand I encountered this term ‘neo-sanyaasi’. By it’s suffix one can understand it’s a branch of sanyaasi. I met this 30 something man who called himself one. This was the conversation I had.

Q: what do you understand about life after all these years you have dwelled ?
A: One thing I am sure is that we have to live. Keep walking! Johnny use to say. (Laugh). It doesn’t stop at breathing. All religions have emphasised on doing good deeds and performing spiritual practices. We are stuck in a realm of acceptance and perceptions. Life is a river flowing in the middle of these two realms.

Q: what is being happy?
A: your eyes need to glisten when you are emotional. It’s when your pores are open, you radiate and absorb all sorts of energies and what better mirror than eyes to reflect your happiness. A token of real happiness.

Q: I thought you would talk about tension free life when describing happiness ?
A: You thought. I didn’t utter a word regarding the negatives which to be frank exist right in the core but why get into that. Time heals everything. Time breeds understanding and from understanding comes acceptance.

Q: Why do we crave for credit or appreciation?
A: we all are artists. If you stop playing your role, you will get away from this habit.

Q: Do you think herbs help? the psycho active quality in some plants ?
A: yes. If you are doing some serious meditation or sadhna. Like I said before life is a river between duality and perceptions. On one side you will create a parallel world for yourself which is soothing and out of bounds and on the other side you will have reality which will try and pull you.

Q: So is guilt inevitable ?
A: Buddha went on to renounce his family, the money and his kingdom. When he returned, was he guilty ?
You know what’s right and what’s wrong. The question is when would you like to accept it. Sooner the better otherwise the last moments of your life will be horrific. Trust me you don’t want to be in such a situation.

Q: One thing you would want to gain out of this practice of neo-sanyaasism ?
A: Innocence because I am quite sure it will not come. If it comes I will be a god. I see glimpses of it every now and then but the the frame of mind is too fast to really live it like a kid does.

Q: the idea of god for you ?
A: They live on the mountains.

Q: why not go for a little trekking and pay them a visit ?
A: I am on a mountain for many people in India but for those who live here, god’s home is always upwards.

Q: Advise for students who think ‘living on a mountain will be a good escape’ ?
A: A constant advise I give is that if you perform on all your responsibilities. If you give a thought before speaking, you will learn to trust yourself. That’s the best thing that will ever happen to you.


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