The Essence of Deepawali

Every year my mother would tell me stories and significance of this great Indian Festival. Each year has brought a different realisation with regards to this festival of lights. Proportional to my age, subtle variations in the depths to which my mind can unravel the deeper meanings of this festival has greatly influenced the interpretation of all the festive activities as well.

Deepawali, etymology of which shall take us back to the Treta Yuga, believed to have occured 1.2 million years ago. An era believed to have witnessed the birth and life of Hindu deity Lord Rama. This festival is celebrated in many parts of the country in welcoming their king after an exile of 14 years, during which he slay the demon Ravana. It was celebration worth witnessing, each and every street was cleansed and there after decorated by flowers and lamps in honour and joy of Rama’s return to his capital Ayodhya

Other mentions of this festival is found in scriptures like the Skanda Purana (800 CE) and in the travel logs of the famous persian traveler Abu Al Biruni.

Mythical stories and interpretations have always been amusing for me but there is more to it in the philosophical sense which needs to deciphered.

This year’s philosophical revelation came after the placing of oil lamps all around and inside the house, my mother asks me each year to be sure to place oil lamps in the darkest corners of the compound, Especially near drainages and sewer exits. Likewise, we need to enlighten the darkest corners of our being and existence. To shed all the darkness that keeps us astray of the righteous path by means of placing lamps of knowledge and wisdom.

For Lord Rama is the most virtuous of all, he is the one who is justice super personified in form of human brilliance.

Each one of us is capable of revealing our deep cosmic energies and discovering it in form of true wisdom. This is what Deepawali brings every year, a new interpretation and a new journey to make this realisation worthwhile over the period of next year. Let us radiate this joy as the lamps radiates warmth, let us no more fool ourselves by being blinded in fabrications of the truth. For it is very simple and omni-present just like my mother’s advice. To enlighten the dark corners and believe that this lamp shall not fade as we feed it with eternal fuel of knowledge.

Happy Deepawali to all my friends here on wordpress. Greetings from my country to one and all.


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