Roaming around I am trying to unriddle life’s mysteries
Unravelling true nature of self and higher motives of life.
What I have been able to decipher begins and ends with you Mother
On your birthday I try and tell it to the world.

What is sin and who is a saint ?
In foolishness and fix of this world I did take you for granted at times
Raising my voice as if raising a concern, what sin !
but you forgave me every time so that I could realise this today.
In you I see the only saint truly close to god.

What is the absolute truth ?
Blinded by the lights, deaf in this noise
Million individuals but not one pillar
Mother you are my foundation where the stability lies
For what remains the same, your love is the absolute truth.

What is religion and what is culture ?
All cultures dissolve, all man made boundaries disappear
When I think of you, beyond man made constraints is the idea of true living
Your life is the epitome of patience and resilience
That is what religion is !

What is love?
Perhaps the most difficult is to define love
Or to even merely capture your sentiments
I am here under your umbrella thinking who all could fit in
Mother your omni-presence guides me
Glittering in your eyes is the purity of god
Your voice resonates in sync with the chants of the vedas
Oh! What else can i say? I am not able enough
You are love and you are the greatest manifestation of sacred energies

Please accept this as a token of my humility.
You are answers to all my queries,
You are gyaan in the Geeta,
Your sanskars are the destroyer of Agyaan,
Protector of fools like me,
Mother your energies are reflected in shlokas of AdityaHridayum

That you and only you are answer to all my queries and your reaches dwarf the very idea of distance.

Please accept this and give me an opportunity to try and quantify your self-less deeds
For I am a mere mortal but your love will ensure guidance for generations to come.

Happy Birthday Mother

yours sincerely



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