That I can write I know
Perception is not what can be traced
It’s origins are within the layers and beyond the Aakash.
So how is it going to be any way ?

Can you start settling down now would you !

‘MyMan’ is already twenty one and you are despicable, look how apparent your presence is ! Judging by the edges of the world you would touch at times I am plenty sure you are a traveller too. Your weapons of treachery are so often in my service but you are the brutal commander who would go on riding on ripples thus created by imagination on the lake of Chittà .

I am here not to curse but these were my manifestations of what ‘maya’ is perhaps and of all that leads to ignorance are alarmingly mind’s encroachment into your true self and it develops initially as an inferior but slowly grows on influence with additional help from impacts of this world after which we become part of a multi layered multi dimensional obsession.

An orderly mind lets you drive the car and then by grace generated from our very own karma happens to make the roads feel just fine.
How is it going to be anyway ? Haha I ask sometimes.

Let’s save that for later. I am already loosing virtual space minddignity.



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