Every Now and Then 

We have developed such a bad habit to do things for the sake of doing. It’s a preposterous and futile activity. Here are some things which do no good to us inspite our materialistically genuine endeavours behind doing so. 

Yoga : just do it ! ( more than breathing and postures ) ( Ref: Paramhansa Yogananda)

Eating : Gulp it. ( Ref: My grandfather who would be particular of enjoying and relishing delicacies even after the food was done. Sometimes for weeks. It is funny. Each ingredient is on its own ) 

Bathing : Necessity ( a river dip vs a shower, Forget the argument of  feasibility. Water does have a memory ! ) ( Ref:  Chanakya Niti for a perfect city ) 

Can we sit for sometime and think about everything we have really been working on. Our career, education, social relations and so on.Things either are routine or they are an adventure. What happened to the balanced ‘in between’.  What happened to discipline and mastery ? I wonder. Have they been caught up by negative influence of this perplexing societal mechanism).   I am not talking about bookish discipline here, scale down things I mean everything to individual levels. Are we really doing it justice. ( justice is a big word ! And there are consequences of using it ) 

Dualism is an inevitable thought. Even when Aristotle discussed ‘on the soul’ he presupposed his existing knowledge to be an over dressed thought. He stripped it down and commented upon body-soul being inseparable. Yes it is. I totally agree. In which realm ? I ask. If there are multiple worlds within a Single world, how sure can we be about diktats which may not please the universal being. While during the body- mind complex.  ( I believe that body- mind and body- soul complexes do have a chance of thought. For arguments sake. ) 

But whilst conceiving this, a mind will require certain tools of presupposition. Those are the very characteristics of  individuality of soul. A different realm, varying planes ofconsciousnes. 

Soul is separate in a manner which pleases the body. I will go with Socrates on this now.  Every now and then. 


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