Languages, Words and Silence. 

In this life melancholy we stand at crossroads at every instant. The key is not be indecisive and keep holding on. 

I begin with putting this first.  

Languages are like historical rivers compounding words unlike. Perennial streams of human consciousness. Sometimes ephemeral word crashings too. 

Function of speech is so intriguingly (hopelessly) tied with words that we set aside ‘the golden silence’ so easily. Reliability of any language or words has its kickbacks. The tongue slips ! Doesn’t it ! 

Silence in courts of justice has its own implications. 

Kate Winslet in ‘The Reader’ and the famous Indian assertion of silence, ‘Kya main is shanti ko aapki haan samjhu’. Meaning ‘Should I take that silence as a yes’. 

  1. Silence does not imply anything in gross form for our pitiful worldly culture to find manifestations therein. It is us who underestimate and misunderstand the underlying intensity and mystic nature of acceptance behind it. 

Fasting through observing silence use to be something ! Now it’s just in the books and the idea of it in our heads. Which we consciously or unconsciously propagate every time there is exploitation. This doesn’t mean that there is not a rebellion. 

Mahatma Gandhi said ‘He who bears any atrocity is a bigger criminal’. He also propagated non Voilence as an indestructible and transcendental weapon. The point I wish to put forward is that without understanding silence we cannot make use of language as a tool and it starts pouring down on us instead. 


Words don’t do justice to our emotions. The very idea of writing and exploring and playing with words implies a futile search for complete expression but Alas! We fail and I fail to make myself understand that we all fail.  

The unanimous progression of our thoughts may well be dragged down and scaled to be in sync with the concept of speech and thereby words but silence is the true language of the soul, it connects seamlessly with the Brahman. A rhythm nature herself cannot break.   


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