Accidentally Stupid

So true. Once I had this gold fish. I kept her bowl nice and clean. Fed her at the right time, in the right amount. One night I was feeling troubled because of my academic issues and other problems. Suddenly I switched the lights to see how she was doing ?
She was there. Swirling in the waters. Just like always. I learnt not to be worried. I learnt to keep the bowl nice and clean. Not just hers but mine too. Our mind is something like a bowl. It’s nature is to contain. But the gold fish is not the bowl. We are Neither the body nor the bowl ( the world ). We are what fills it. Life.

Spoonful Of Chemistry

With nothing big to brighten our days, we never really notice the small things in life. Like fish! Or kitties! Or a smile! I feel like we’ve seriously become that numbed out and materialistic…


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