Surface Aberrations #A

Ah Well! How do I put it. 

‘I am a king’ it sounds ridiculous. 

‘We are the Kings’  Magic isn’t it ? 

Probably the first time I am letting out so I thought to put it under a new header. It will be like one of those lodges along a trail so many check in and keep scratching there names here and there. 

Some questions have started to baffle me. Am I asserting too much from what I witness everyday in this world. There is nothing which is not a revenue model. Nothing which is free. Taxes and exams, both are for our own good. But then what’s the Point after all. I breath for myself. Nobody seems to help me do that ? Is there any prerequisite to life ? 

If there is a pursuit then what for ? What is the nature of mind ? Why is it ? Contrasting is an evil art. It blinds us. 

I don’t need to belong to this world. I am here living in it. Nature plays with herself as I become a monotonous being in her hands. It is us who make up all this around us. Isn’t it ?our eyes which project it to our mind. Our tongue grasping flavours. Otherwise what good is sweet if we are not there to call it sweet ? 

Infer the obscurity of life, does the forest make sounds even when you are not there ? 

It is our listening which makes something, our viewing gives it a reality more than its material nature. Our intelligence or Chit (consciousness) which enlightens through the roots ( senses ) that we have driven deep into fabric of this social matrix. 

Even these questions seem aberrations on the surface but they are well more. Languages and words can no more facilitate us at this time of enquiry. This is why we believe in miracles !  


Decay is the only natural law


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