Critique on Love

My words seem miserable and the language’s expressive capacity fails to acknowledge this great phenomena. Humans as we know are capable of achieving the impossible ( why call it the impossible then ? ) but the root of our existence is love. Its fundamentals can be derived from our harmony with nature, the great Darwinian thought of natural selection proves the beautiful quid pro quo that we established with mother earth in our early existence. Love is the ‘unconditionality’ of existence, the bitter-sweet melancholy of our life. To understand love as a universal phenomena we first need to set aside the ‘geocentric’ thought propagation and look ourselves as a part of the whole and not as exploiters ( though it is not so! green? ). Recognition is by itself a derivative of intelligence which pervades every life form. Brothers and sisters, it signifies that even ‘Living is love’. Every breath we take is an ode to our existence and correlation with this cosmos. Vedantic literature further pursues this thought and gives the philosophy of ‘brahm’ that we are all essentially part of one great energy, this world in all its forms is made of five elements and hence any indifference is illusory. Thinking an ant to be different or subordinate in its being is nothing but stupidity ( seen yourself stuck in a traffic jam from bird’s eye view, Weeping ants! ).

 ‘ Born out of love Bred in love ,

Yet I Search in madness outside

Forgetting the reason of my being

I am lost in inspirations

Looking everywhere but inside

Where is the contemplation?

Who am I? What am I made of?

Its elementally love.. ‘

Love is synchronisation therefore it is said that sex is a divine art and spirited activity  because it is an union of two energies. I have for long perceived women as the greatest form of ‘maya’; fabric of this illusory world. She is not just the power which creates but also which nurtures much like mother earth. Man with all its pomp is the enabler of diversity. What is love I ask? Love is to see, to hear and to feel. Simply, the redness on your cheek is love.


9 thoughts on “Critique on Love

      1. My pleasure. Your post made me think. They used to say those same things of divinity. That the divine is all around us, in each breath, in each rock and cloud and raindrop. Perhaps love is the power of the divine in us. As you can see, I continued to think about your post even after I left. 🙂

      2. I am really really glad. It is an unbelievable feeling to have such a response.
        What is charming, is ability of this feeling to let you connect seamlessly across the globe, just spontaneously bridging the gap. Eventually I have conceived that humans have a way into this energy but we tend to lose the Essence of the journey.

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