The Lady in the forest

The Lady in the forest

Readers, it’s nice and sunny here in India and the winters have begun to set in. So I thought to make a visit to nearby reserved forests (Pench Valley, Indira Priyadarshni Gandhi National Park) to meet a speciality.
It’s a tree, भूत्या or the Ghost Tree, Sterculia Urens, it glows in the dark and sheds her bark thrice through the year. Each time showing a distinct colour. ( Pink, White and Brown )

Bhutya Tree
I use to think what for ? You see! The question rang a bell.
” How Great Thou Art ? ”
So I have tried hopelessly to give the idea some language make-up.

A ballet dancer amidst black swans,
Such is her existence, such is her form. Twisted and crouched by her vows,
She made in her adolescence.
She shines at night with her maids, bunch of lamps scattered in the dense.
Cheerful winters in the tropics begin to set,
She remembers now her guests avidly
Changing her gowns for the migration is about to commence
They say she has chosen three as in variety.
She will be busy marking destinations for eyes in the skies.
To let them know about lodgings in the open.
She has waited all the year, now cometh her loving spies.

Let them fly into our Ramsar sites
Let them call on there sub-continent vacation plans
I will want them to stay, I will want them to feast

And once the winters are over, they will retrace
For the summers here have burnt me
So they see and have left !
But she doesn’t want to let go off those westerners.
Because she knows of the hideous gases that have begun to plague..
No different are homes across the globe
All burning, All in the natural decay.
She hopes they would be back
For room’s plenty in her sanctuary
So she wishes, so she believes, our lady in the forest..


The couple (wild dogs) who eats together, walks together, ranges together, stays together !   and you know what these fellows wild 


I have been writing in hindi quiet a lot lately, it has this uplifting effect just like it is with our mother tongue. What makes this one necessary to be pressed is its simplicity and dreaminess, so much attached with it.



मस्त चले हँसो में दो पंख मेरे भी
बेताबी की झील को आकाश से चूमता
कल्पनाओं की स्वर्णिम धूल उड़ाता
उस पागल हँस की चाल को किसने समझा
नम हुई आँखों का सुख जाना किसने देखा
क़ैद होना ना हो जाने सा है
इस शोर में एक आवाज़ मेरी भी
गुम हो जाना चाहू तो पागल हु
बेपरवाह पगलमन मेरा यू आज सामने है

मन की निभृत्तम गहराईयो में देखो चला एक रास है
जागते जागते सवेरा होने सा आभास है
माया में लिप्त ये स्वयं से दर्शन है
बाक़ी सब प्यास है
बाक़ी सब प्यास है।

इतना कह दिया तो पागल है
कोई कह दे! ये पड़ने वाला पागल है
लेकिन इच्छुक सिर्फ़ नादान है
ये मन नादान है
नहीं समझता की वर्तमान की भव्यता ही समाधान है ।

बाज़ारू दुनिया में लो!
अब आवाज़ एक मेरी भी
प्रॉपगैंडा की एक दुकान लो मेरी भी

हंस चला देखो हंस उड़ा
हंस चला देखो हंस उड़ा


मेरा मन है तेरा मन

मैं उन गहराइयों में उतर आया हूँ, जहाँ पूँछ ना रवि कि है।
वसुंधरा का ताप सहज ही समेटे, मन एक सागर सा है ।
दर्पण है, स्वयं के संदर्भ में परम के दर्शन हैं।
क्या ये मेरा मन है, या ये तेरा मन है ।
कवि हतोत्साहित है विश्व की रुचि-शुचि से ।
क्या सुंदरता का श्वेत ही रंग है ?
क्या महानता का एक ही आकार है ?
मन के घर्शन-आकर्षण के बीच का ये मंथन ही तो जीवन है ।
इस में ना मैं देव हूँ ना दैत्य हूँ ।
कूर्म हूँ, चतुर्गति हूँ संतुलन मात्र के लिए, सृष्टि के विचार मात्र के लिए ।
ना ये मेरा मन है ना ये तेरा मन है ।
किंतु कवि तो सरल हृदय है, इस दुनिया को नहीं पूछता,
कवि के लिए सिर्फ़ मंच ही अनंत है, जानता है ।
माया से ही तो उत्पन्न ये प्रपंच है ।
ये मैं किन गहराइयों में उतर आया हूँ ?
क्या ये तेरा मन है, क्या ये मेरा मन है ।
ये मैं किन गहराइयों में उतर आया हूँ ?
ये मैं किन गहराइयों में उतर आया हूँ

Critique on Love

My words seem miserable and the language’s expressive capacity fails to acknowledge this great phenomena. Humans as we know are capable of achieving the impossible ( why call it the impossible then ? ) but the root of our existence is love. Its fundamentals can be derived from our harmony with nature, the great Darwinian thought of natural selection proves the beautiful quid pro quo that we established with mother earth in our early existence. Love is the ‘unconditionality’ of existence, the bitter-sweet melancholy of our life. To understand love as a universal phenomena we first need to set aside the ‘geocentric’ thought propagation and look ourselves as a part of the whole and not as exploiters ( though it is not so! green? ). Recognition is by itself a derivative of intelligence which pervades every life form. Brothers and sisters, it signifies that even ‘Living is love’. Every breath we take is an ode to our existence and correlation with this cosmos. Vedantic literature further pursues this thought and gives the philosophy of ‘brahm’ that we are all essentially part of one great energy, this world in all its forms is made of five elements and hence any indifference is illusory. Thinking an ant to be different or subordinate in its being is nothing but stupidity ( seen yourself stuck in a traffic jam from bird’s eye view, Weeping ants! ).

 ‘ Born out of love Bred in love ,

Yet I Search in madness outside

Forgetting the reason of my being

I am lost in inspirations

Looking everywhere but inside

Where is the contemplation?

Who am I? What am I made of?

Its elementally love.. ‘

Love is synchronisation therefore it is said that sex is a divine art and spirited activity  because it is an union of two energies. I have for long perceived women as the greatest form of ‘maya’; fabric of this illusory world. She is not just the power which creates but also which nurtures much like mother earth. Man with all its pomp is the enabler of diversity. What is love I ask? Love is to see, to hear and to feel. Simply, the redness on your cheek is love.

Working with Red 

Working with Red 

Colour the I red 

Red is colour of life 
Jewels of the cities
Tribal body art in clay 
On flags, in forests 
Cultures painted in caves 
Red is intense austerity 
Amalgamation of pursuits 
On canvas of life 
Dreams in sweat 
Breathing fast! never grey 
Close your eyes to the sun; it’s red. 
Red is fire 
An engagement with darkness
Beneath the earth
Colour of the heart 
Colour the I red

#2 The Ghostwriter and Idea of Mind, body and The heart

The idea of body, mind and the heart is that of great significance. One who conquers the mind and aligns the body and heart with it achieves the true purpose of life. I am so naive that my efforts fail continuously but I intend to keep on trying. This is yet another way of declaring higher motives of life.

For my own तसल्ली ( consolation ) I have posted this poetic piece both in Hindi and English. Please enjoy.

ऐ मन तू किसका शागिर्द है
किसकी खोज मैं भटकता है
कैसे समझूँ तेरी क़दम ताल
जाने कौन से गीत तू गाता है।

पूछा सब यारों दोस्तों से
तेरी ख़बर शायद कोई रखता हो
ग़ालिब-मोमिन सा दिखलाता है
पता पूछता फिरता हूँ जहाँ तू थमता है।

आइनों से क्या बचता फिरता है
वक़्त गुज़रे हादसों को ख़ूब हुआ
ठहर जा ज़ख़्म भरने को हुआ
माफ़ी माँगने से क्यूँ बचता है।

इस गुलशन कौन से गुल नहीं
क्यूँ फिर ख़ाक छानता है ?

ये दिल ये जिस्म तेरे संग हो जाने दे
इस कोशिश मैं अव्वल आना है
इस दफे मासूमियत लौट आने दे
ताकी तेरा भी ऐहतराम हुज़ूर कर सके।

आज़ाद तो जान के छोड़ा
अब क्या गिला करना
स्याही तो दिल से बहती है
तेरे पते पर ही मुलायज़ा फ़रमाना।

जा तुझे बेदख़ल किया
परदा ये गिरा दिया
बेमन ही लगन लगाना हम ने सीख लिया ।

Oh! Mind, Whose disciple are you ?
In whose search are you lost ?
How do I understand your drill ?
Don’t know what songs you sing.

Asked every known person
Maybe they know your resort
You pretend to be Gaalib-Momin
I keep asking the address where you stop.

If you are that brave, Then why hide from mirrors ?
Time has passed since the mishaps
Even the wounds are no more green.
Don’t step back from apologising now.

What shortcomings exist at this home ?
Which land do you search like a nomad?

Let this heart and body be one with you
Let me succeed in this soulful attempt
Let some innocence prevail
So that I can respect you when I go

When I was young, never did I bind you
Now I shouldn’t remorse for this decision
Life altering ink flows from the heart
Now cherish these words from wherever you are.

Go! I disown you, curtains are down
Without you I have learnt to live and love.



Roaming around I am trying to unriddle life’s mysteries
Unravelling true nature of self and higher motives of life.
What I have been able to decipher begins and ends with you Mother
On your birthday I try and tell it to the world.

What is sin and who is a saint ?
In foolishness and fix of this world I did take you for granted at times
Raising my voice as if raising a concern, what sin !
but you forgave me every time so that I could realise this today.
In you I see the only saint truly close to god.

What is the absolute truth ?
Blinded by the lights, deaf in this noise
Million individuals but not one pillar
Mother you are my foundation where the stability lies
For what remains the same, your love is the absolute truth.

What is religion and what is culture ?
All cultures dissolve, all man made boundaries disappear
When I think of you, beyond man made constraints is the idea of true living
Your life is the epitome of patience and resilience
That is what religion is !

What is love?
Perhaps the most difficult is to define love
Or to even merely capture your sentiments
I am here under your umbrella thinking who all could fit in
Mother your omni-presence guides me
Glittering in your eyes is the purity of god
Your voice resonates in sync with the chants of the vedas
Oh! What else can i say? I am not able enough
You are love and you are the greatest manifestation of sacred energies

Please accept this as a token of my humility.
You are answers to all my queries,
You are gyaan in the Geeta,
Your sanskars are the destroyer of Agyaan,
Protector of fools like me,
Mother your energies are reflected in shlokas of AdityaHridayum

That you and only you are answer to all my queries and your reaches dwarf the very idea of distance.

Please accept this and give me an opportunity to try and quantify your self-less deeds
For I am a mere mortal but your love will ensure guidance for generations to come.

Happy Birthday Mother

yours sincerely