On the Annual Republic day Presidential Address

Shubhkamnayien! Republic day greetings !

Set aside the personal chaos as it may seem and look towards the higher grounds of nationalism. Every year I like to read the Annual Republic day presidential address, listen to the great vision of our national leader.
66th year brings forth unanswered questions put forward by His Excellency Pranab Mukherjeee in his Republic day address to the nation.
‘Where have we failed, as parents, teachers and leaders, that our children have forgotten all tenets of decent behaviour and respect for women?’

Where have we faltered that criminal mindsets still happen to challenge the course of law, order and justice ? What futile environment has led them to commit heinous crimes against women while there exists a law of the land !
The severity of delusions that mind gets plagued with is threatening and its effect is quadrupled when such minds are exposed to a populous young nation like ours.

Theme of today’s parade was ‘Nari-Shakti’ and was graciously carried out by women officers themselves in many districts.
Handing them the command signifies the intent of the nation which is and should be pro-woman.
Enough has been said but little changes tomorrow when it all comes down to basic day to day decisions we make and stands we take. We need to understand the sensitivity of our decisions and zone of our influences. We need to remember our fundamental duties and prepare to take them up in our daily lives as responsible citizens of this country.

This is a great responsibility and we must widen our world view as great nations are moving forward to forge deeper relations with us.These global relations require bilateral cooperation and mutual respect at a ‘person to person’ level for them to fruit.
We must remember our fundamental values of Liberty, freedom, humility and tolerance.
Our emotions and enthusiasm which are expressed unwarranted at times also should be suited for greater realisations and opportune times.