The Lady in the forest

The Lady in the forest

Readers, it’s nice and sunny here in India and the winters have begun to set in. So I thought to make a visit to nearby reserved forests (Pench Valley, Indira Priyadarshni Gandhi National Park) to meet a speciality.
It’s a tree, भूत्या or the Ghost Tree, Sterculia Urens, it glows in the dark and sheds her bark thrice through the year. Each time showing a distinct colour. ( Pink, White and Brown )

Bhutya Tree
I use to think what for ? You see! The question rang a bell.
” How Great Thou Art ? ”
So I have tried hopelessly to give the idea some language make-up.

A ballet dancer amidst black swans,
Such is her existence, such is her form. Twisted and crouched by her vows,
She made in her adolescence.
She shines at night with her maids, bunch of lamps scattered in the dense.
Cheerful winters in the tropics begin to set,
She remembers now her guests avidly
Changing her gowns for the migration is about to commence
They say she has chosen three as in variety.
She will be busy marking destinations for eyes in the skies.
To let them know about lodgings in the open.
She has waited all the year, now cometh her loving spies.

Let them fly into our Ramsar sites
Let them call on there sub-continent vacation plans
I will want them to stay, I will want them to feast

And once the winters are over, they will retrace
For the summers here have burnt me
So they see and have left !
But she doesn’t want to let go off those westerners.
Because she knows of the hideous gases that have begun to plague..
No different are homes across the globe
All burning, All in the natural decay.
She hopes they would be back
For room’s plenty in her sanctuary
So she wishes, so she believes, our lady in the forest..


The couple (wild dogs) who eats together, walks together, ranges together, stays together !   and you know what these fellows wild 

River Drifting

A great one ! I will simply add
” Green was my dream and green the ink of life ”

Friendly Fairy Tales

Water Lily

River blooms green
Between water lily stars.
Swans nibble
Tender water moss
While minnows
Dart amid the bobbing
Carpet of green.
Water striders flee.
A hush falls as
The great blue heron
Lifts its wide wings.
He beats the air from his
Driftwood perch.
A redwinged blackbird
Flashes red and yellow stripes
Among the elderberries.
Mrs. Mallard pecks at
Arrow Arum.
A Canada goose stands
On one foot in the shallows.
The current carries us
Ever onward
Toward the sea,
The light in our eyes.

Copyright 2015 Brenda Davis Harsham

Water Lily and lily pads

Note: I’ve been boating with the kids for three days straight. They took to stand-up paddle boarding. They might never canoe again.

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Accidentally Stupid

So true. Once I had this gold fish. I kept her bowl nice and clean. Fed her at the right time, in the right amount. One night I was feeling troubled because of my academic issues and other problems. Suddenly I switched the lights to see how she was doing ?
She was there. Swirling in the waters. Just like always. I learnt not to be worried. I learnt to keep the bowl nice and clean. Not just hers but mine too. Our mind is something like a bowl. It’s nature is to contain. But the gold fish is not the bowl. We are Neither the body nor the bowl ( the world ). We are what fills it. Life.

Spoonful Of Chemistry

With nothing big to brighten our days, we never really notice the small things in life. Like fish! Or kitties! Or a smile! I feel like we’ve seriously become that numbed out and materialistic…


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Never in the sight
Ages passed
Millennial voyages afar
And what for, I ask
Nothingness all that it is.

The Boy Poet

The Poets' Garret The Poets’ Garret

Joining the dots to make the whole
Evasions of truth taking their toll
Reborn a man, a stronger soul
Evolution of self
Mind and body taking control
Yes, a man as himself

©JG Farmer 2015

Form: Burns Stanza –

Prompt: Write a poem where each line starts with a letter from your first name (an Acrostic) Registered & Protected  0JUI-XFCS-ARMP-TGE9

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Van Gogh was not crazy

Van Gogh was not crazy

There are so many things said about distinguished artists. It is sad and maybe ironical that great men have lived not so merry lives. I don’t have an explanation or maybe I don’t want to really dive into it. It will sound like sympathy.
It’s just not about Van Gogh or Galileo for that matter. It’s about the common man.

My OCD Voice

Vincent van Gogh source: Vincent van Gogh

Van Gogh was not crazy. Yes, he most likely had mental health problems, but he was not crazy. He was human.

just like you and me.

It is easy to lose sight of his humanness since we are detached from van Gogh by time, but I promise you he was human.

full of thoughts, fears, friends, emotions, imperfections, and talents…human

Calling van Gogh crazy makes him different from his fellow humans on the basis of his mental health problems. How can he be so different if so many of us struggle with our mental health as well?

my simplistic imitation

If we are going to talk about van Gogh being different from his fellow humans in any way, let it be because of his talent. Let’s make this his defining feature, his ability to take someone’s breath away when they view something his hand created.

And no, his talents are…

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The Great Indian wedding


It has been only a few days after the marriage and things have started to calm down on all fronts. Even our over stretched muscles have now received pampering but the vacuum has started to take a toll too.
Such is the hustle bustle of a traditional wedding be it a punjabi or a South Indian wedding. Months of preparations and only a few days to get everything right. Grandness sounds like those of the commonwealth games – so it has been.

No one man can perfect this stage, it requires all the family to join hands and show our love for our daughters. Something I heard from my Taeji perfectly describes the ultimate need of a perfect wedding; Unity in the family.

A personal interaction with groom’s family at the Mehendi ceremony while both the bride and groom get there hands sketched in the purity.


A Sangeet ceremony to give an open stage for celebration and display the joy through dance and music when all the bhabhis and sisters participate in dance routines. Finally, the varmala, the pure and emotional kanyadaan and the vidai.
Mind you! The last three ceremonies happen almost over night almost everywhere in our state.

In between are the fun rituals of stealing the groom’s shoes in hope of fulfilling some demands of his new sister in laws and making the groom worship bride’s sandals by camouflaging it as a deity
( this one hardly works )

All these pearl like rituals are sewed in strong silk of love, faith and commitment. Beautifully mentioned in indian Vedic scriptures as The seven vows which are read to the couple. This ceremony invites all to listen to the Pujaris with understanding and a sudden serious calm.
The expressions of the couple serene and optimistic, give all a surety of their prosperous future.

Not to forget the Baaratis ( beacon of chaos in many wedding ) or invitees from the groom’s side and there appeasement which remains an uphill task for us all working on behalf of the bride.

They all came from various parts of the country and some from across the seas. Indian weddings have grown into a hybrid of acceptance at a different level and ritual which remain footed in the rich culture of our past. It was this mixture that we had to take care as we invited all the guests to our state, where some had never visited and some were here decades ago. It was an opportunity to introduce them to the richness of our culture of rituals and so we did. The good will in there hearts was resounding as all the ceremonies went on peacefully and with great passion from all fronts.

At the end of the day it all rests on the shoulders of the bride and the groom to carry forward this beautiful dream which took shape from each working hand’s stroke of faith. Primarily with the blessings of our mother. ( mother india as I will call her 😉 )