#3 The Ghostwriter and privileges in the mind plane

#3 The Ghostwriter and privileges in the mind plane

That I can write I know
Perception is not what can be traced
It’s origins are within the layers and beyond the Aakash.
So how is it going to be any way ?

Can you start settling down now would you !

‘MyMan’ is already twenty one and you are despicable, look how apparent your presence is ! Judging by the edges of the world you would touch at times I am plenty sure you are a traveller too. Your weapons of treachery are so often in my service but you are the brutal commander who would go on riding on ripples thus created by imagination on the lake of Chittà .

I am here not to curse but these were my manifestations of what ‘maya’ is perhaps and of all that leads to ignorance are alarmingly mind’s encroachment into your true self and it develops initially as an inferior but slowly grows on influence with additional help from impacts of this world after which we become part of a multi layered multi dimensional obsession.

An orderly mind lets you drive the car and then by grace generated from our very own karma happens to make the roads feel just fine.
How is it going to be anyway ? Haha I ask sometimes.

Let’s save that for later. I am already loosing virtual space minddignity.



#2 The Ghostwriter and Idea of Mind, body and The heart

The idea of body, mind and the heart is that of great significance. One who conquers the mind and aligns the body and heart with it achieves the true purpose of life. I am so naive that my efforts fail continuously but I intend to keep on trying. This is yet another way of declaring higher motives of life.

For my own तसल्ली ( consolation ) I have posted this poetic piece both in Hindi and English. Please enjoy.

ऐ मन तू किसका शागिर्द है
किसकी खोज मैं भटकता है
कैसे समझूँ तेरी क़दम ताल
जाने कौन से गीत तू गाता है।

पूछा सब यारों दोस्तों से
तेरी ख़बर शायद कोई रखता हो
ग़ालिब-मोमिन सा दिखलाता है
पता पूछता फिरता हूँ जहाँ तू थमता है।

आइनों से क्या बचता फिरता है
वक़्त गुज़रे हादसों को ख़ूब हुआ
ठहर जा ज़ख़्म भरने को हुआ
माफ़ी माँगने से क्यूँ बचता है।

इस गुलशन कौन से गुल नहीं
क्यूँ फिर ख़ाक छानता है ?

ये दिल ये जिस्म तेरे संग हो जाने दे
इस कोशिश मैं अव्वल आना है
इस दफे मासूमियत लौट आने दे
ताकी तेरा भी ऐहतराम हुज़ूर कर सके।

आज़ाद तो जान के छोड़ा
अब क्या गिला करना
स्याही तो दिल से बहती है
तेरे पते पर ही मुलायज़ा फ़रमाना।

जा तुझे बेदख़ल किया
परदा ये गिरा दिया
बेमन ही लगन लगाना हम ने सीख लिया ।

Oh! Mind, Whose disciple are you ?
In whose search are you lost ?
How do I understand your drill ?
Don’t know what songs you sing.

Asked every known person
Maybe they know your resort
You pretend to be Gaalib-Momin
I keep asking the address where you stop.

If you are that brave, Then why hide from mirrors ?
Time has passed since the mishaps
Even the wounds are no more green.
Don’t step back from apologising now.

What shortcomings exist at this home ?
Which land do you search like a nomad?

Let this heart and body be one with you
Let me succeed in this soulful attempt
Let some innocence prevail
So that I can respect you when I go

When I was young, never did I bind you
Now I shouldn’t remorse for this decision
Life altering ink flows from the heart
Now cherish these words from wherever you are.

Go! I disown you, curtains are down
Without you I have learnt to live and love.

Neo-Sanyaasi and the constant advise

A year ago, during my many visits to rishikesh in Uttrakhand I encountered this term ‘neo-sanyaasi’. By it’s suffix one can understand it’s a branch of sanyaasi. I met this 30 something man who called himself one. This was the conversation I had.

Q: what do you understand about life after all these years you have dwelled ?
A: One thing I am sure is that we have to live. Keep walking! Johnny use to say. (Laugh). It doesn’t stop at breathing. All religions have emphasised on doing good deeds and performing spiritual practices. We are stuck in a realm of acceptance and perceptions. Life is a river flowing in the middle of these two realms.

Q: what is being happy?
A: your eyes need to glisten when you are emotional. It’s when your pores are open, you radiate and absorb all sorts of energies and what better mirror than eyes to reflect your happiness. A token of real happiness.

Q: I thought you would talk about tension free life when describing happiness ?
A: You thought. I didn’t utter a word regarding the negatives which to be frank exist right in the core but why get into that. Time heals everything. Time breeds understanding and from understanding comes acceptance.

Q: Why do we crave for credit or appreciation?
A: we all are artists. If you stop playing your role, you will get away from this habit.

Q: Do you think herbs help? the psycho active quality in some plants ?
A: yes. If you are doing some serious meditation or sadhna. Like I said before life is a river between duality and perceptions. On one side you will create a parallel world for yourself which is soothing and out of bounds and on the other side you will have reality which will try and pull you.

Q: So is guilt inevitable ?
A: Buddha went on to renounce his family, the money and his kingdom. When he returned, was he guilty ?
You know what’s right and what’s wrong. The question is when would you like to accept it. Sooner the better otherwise the last moments of your life will be horrific. Trust me you don’t want to be in such a situation.

Q: One thing you would want to gain out of this practice of neo-sanyaasism ?
A: Innocence because I am quite sure it will not come. If it comes I will be a god. I see glimpses of it every now and then but the the frame of mind is too fast to really live it like a kid does.

Q: the idea of god for you ?
A: They live on the mountains.

Q: why not go for a little trekking and pay them a visit ?
A: I am on a mountain for many people in India but for those who live here, god’s home is always upwards.

Q: Advise for students who think ‘living on a mountain will be a good escape’ ?
A: A constant advise I give is that if you perform on all your responsibilities. If you give a thought before speaking, you will learn to trust yourself. That’s the best thing that will ever happen to you.

Where is the salt ?

I am here talking about salt. Yes! the ordinary white.
I like to cook and today I made some kadhi ( yogurt based yellow curry ). I had put all the spices and ingredients in the right proportion but missed out on salt ! Fortunately I didn’t discover this while having it but whilst cooking itself. I mixed some salt and it tasted just fine.

What caught my attention is that there is no substitute to salt, it enriches and lifts up the whole spice combination in your dish.

Each spice reflects on some emotion of yours. This theory works better than as in the mistress of spices !

Similarly what’s the salt of your life ?

Chilli can be love (too much will burn you)
Turmeric can be aggression (just enough for the colour)
Garam masala, a powdered mix can be humour ( a must in all dishes )
Rosemary can be wittiness ( not to be used everywhere )
But where is the salt ?

Added more than taste, the dish will be un edible. Less than taste then it won’t lift the spices !
What is that one requirement in your emotional palette which is a must ?
I got a few reflections on this and immediately thought to put it up here.

Salt is sacrifice. Salt is faith.

Why do you need to be a bad ass in 2014 ?

See there is a reason for it. A good explanation i have manoeuvred.
I will start off from politics, since i am an Indian. Bound to put politics first in every thing.
Look at AAP ( aam aadmi party ) it’s an outcome of frustrated Indians.
Can AAP contain the feeling of rejection of political dogma it has created ?
Time will tell. I guess Indians want to see a more bad ass result than a broom might be able to pull off.
Here is the take away from Sir Avrind Kejriwal’s ( deserves it absolutely ) AAP bad ass-ness
“Don’t underestimate the voter’s emotional intensity. We are the biggest bad asses when it comes to voting some one in or out”
this reminds of Salman Khan’s dialog being aired on tv from his upcoming movie; Jai Ho! I believe.
“aam aadmi sota hua sher hai, mat chedh warna cheer phad k rakh dega”
thank you Salman Khan.
Which brings me to our film industry. Be it hollywood, kollywood or tollywood or any other wood for that matter.
They bring the best bad asses on screen with the best means to display it and do it in an anti-newton way. eg: villains flying here and there on a foot stomp.
Gravity is a bitch, but then our heroes are hounds if i were to put it in a similar fashion.
let’s come to the mango people’s bad ass-ness. As indians we tend to project humility and sacrificial kind of nature. ( bitch! that was long ago!)
Now here we are fighting every other country in every aspect. We do have our short comings but am not here criticise my own country. (Won’t be cool! LEARN MEDIA HOUSES)
Devyani the diplomat, she will be remembered for decades from now for the simple reason; she triggered something. It will soon catch up with other nations. I read reports of the same.
Snowden, the whistle blower got refuge in Ecuador. This led the american government to make a statement that they will cut down there funding for education or something. In reply, Ecuador proposed funding of the same amount in name of “Human Rights Education” to USA.
Pretty Cool!
See Bad ass people or nations create just not nuisance but also revolutions.
Bapu, father of India was a non-violent bad ass.
i remember a quote from his bio “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight with you and then you win”
Incredible! Imagine the sarcasm he must have put in with this.

What’s necessary and inevitable is the frustration which has hurt you for so long. It’s time to get inspired from Fight club for real.
( i don’t mean that you should go spilling your blood in a parking or something.)
I mean thrive, Fight and for god’s sake stop defending yourself anymore.
I am going to be a Bad-ass in 2014.
It will work like a mantra and will cleanse your soul from the bruises you have taken so far. Peace

There have been degrees and various types of bad asses in the history of our civilisation so find out what’s your Bad ass tactic.

by Chow